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Upcoming Events

Gravure Global Summit
   & Spring Board Meetings
March 7-9, 2017
B Resort
Lake Buena Vista, FL
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Our Congratulations To...

The Cylinder Society Class of 2016.

From Packaging, Product and Label Gravure (L-R above) Cylinder Society President Hubert Metzger, Chema Technology; Scott Thrift, Altria Group; Eric Serenius, Ohio Gravure Technologies; Gary White, Pamarco

Publication Gravure inductees will ba posted following the Print Media Conference in November.

Click here to view all society members and learn more about the Cylinder Society.

GAAmericas' Buyers' Guide

The new Buyers' Guide is being updated ongoingly and will be published soon.

Click here to download a PDF copy, or click here to browse the guide by category online.