Gravure Press Manager / Trainer

Color Ad Packaging Ltd. is a leading North American flexible packaging company specializing in high quality gravure and flexo printing.
Our customers are extremely demanding and we strive to improve our quality on a continual basis. To improve quality of printing and efficiency on our two gravure presses, an 8 unit and a 10 unit, we are seeking an experienced, hands-on Gravure Press Room Manager/Trainer who will play a major role in making us the best packaging printer in North America by driving for efficiency, passion for excellence and the ability to train Operators, who will work under the Gravure Press Manager/Trainer.
In seeking the right person, who could be currently working & wants to grow or recently retired from a similar role, we will be flexible on salary, benefits, and relocation expenses. Our manufacturing facility is in Winnipeg, Canada.
Please send us your resume to
Color Ad Packaging Ltd
200 Beghin Ave. Winnipeg, MB Canada
R2J 3W2

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