Gravure Press Simulator Project

GPSThe GEF Board of Trustees has embarked on a new, exciting, and ambitious Strategic Plan for the Foundation, designed to significantly upgrade our Gravure Resource Centers' gravure programs and provide the tools they need to service both their students and the gravure industry.

The Foundation's first initiative is to place nine Gravure Press Simulators (GPS) in our seven Gravure Resource Centers GPS(Arizona State University, California State Polytechnic University, Clemson University, Quad GraphicsMurray State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Western Michigan University) and two Educational Partners (Central Missouri State University, Pittsburg State University).

Only one production-grade press is in place in the U.S. university system (Western Michigan University), severely limiting the ability of faculty to effectively teach the gravure process to print communications students. In addition, for financial and/or staffing reasons, much-needed comprehensive training programs for gravure press operators presently do not exist.

Effective gravure instruction/training requires a dedicated approach. Placement of the GPS systems in GEF's seven Gravure Resource Centers and two Educational Partners will allow each of the respective institutions to significantly expand their gravure process instructional programs and upgrade the technical knowledge base and expertise their graduates will bring to industry employers.

The installation of the GPS systems will include comprehensive training of the faculty, teaching them the functionality of the GPS software and how to develop customized teaching/training programs. This will allow the universities to incorporate gravure press operation into their instructional programs and deliver gravure press operator training programs at a reasonable cost to interested gravure industry partners.

The GPS Workbooks cover the basic press types, along with commonly used inks and substrates and will take students through the simulator and introduce them to the basics of press operation and quality control for each press type. The more advanced Problem-Solving Workbooks provide comprehensive theoretical training integrated with a hands-on, low-cost approach only the GPS can provide.

For industry, the Gravure Press Simulator allows instructors to specify materials and production values so that operators' skills enhancements provide optimum production cost savings to their companies. Key benefits include:

  • Operators are shown how different jobs require different production values.
  • Training and troubleshooting procedures.

The GEF is partnering with the GAA in the delivery of the Gravure Press Simulators and training programs. Since the GAA has an extensive history of delivering high-quality technical training programs to the gravure industry, it is only natural that the GEF works with the Association on each individual GPS placement and development of the respective instructional/training programs.

The total cost for this project is $250,000, which encompasses purchasing the nine GPS systems and training faculty at each of the universities. GAA Directors and GEF Trustees are already stepping up to the plate and making financial commitments to this project, but we need the support of all the gravure industry to reach our goal.

Click on the link for a pledge form that will allow you to immediately pledge your support to the GEF Gravure Press Simulator project. Please complete it as soon as possible and return it to the address indicated. Your commitment to the GEF will make a real difference in students' lives and the prospering of the gravure industry.