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Top Textbooks Available at a Special Savings

As younger generations step into roles both participating in and leading print production, companies don’t want to risk losing the expertise of the industry veterans. Moreover, as an industry association that knows deeply all that gravure offers professional printing, we want to be sure that this knowledge stays in the minds of those on the pressroom floor. That’s why we’re offering our two most popular gravure textbooks at a 50% discount from their standard pricing.

Gravure Process And Technology Min

Process and Technology

The most comprehensive guide to Gravure available. This textbook was a collaborative effort among an extensive group of industry experts and educators and has long been used as ‘the book’ on gravure. Includes real-world examples, techniques, and applications to optimize your own results on gravure projects.

Available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Gravure Specifications And Tolerances Min

Gravure Specifications and
Tolerances - ‘GST Blue Book’

Gravure operators love having this convenient spiral-bound quick reference nearby for helping generate the best-possible output. The book is a collection of simple specifications and tools, easy-to-read discussion, straightforward directions, and other gravure guidance and current best practices from ‘ideation’ to ‘creation’. 

Available in English only.

Normally priced at $100 each, GAA is currently offering either of these books at $50 each, plus applicable shipping. Buy both to get the most comprehensive texts in the industry and save on combined shipping costs.

This offer will be available while supplies last – do not miss out on your chance to own these useful resources.